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Periapical Surgery
Chicago, IL

Root canal therapy is a common, and often successful, a dental procedure. There are situations when root canal therapy can fail, and most often that is due to an infected material having traveled to a different canal area. What many patients do not understand is that though there is one large canal, there are also smaller branches of canals, known as the periapical tissues. a specialist at Cameo can make the appropriate incisions to reach the infected area to remove the bacteria and restore the health of your tooth. Our team at Cameo Dental Specialists does not want you to experience continued pain; we will evaluate your needs and design a treatment plan to locate the source of infection and restore your oral health.

Periapical surgery is required to save infected teeth following a failed root canal treatment. Sometimes referred to as a persistent root canal infection, this occurs when the infection is located deep in the root canal, in a small canal branch. Often, a specialist at Cameo may not know the extent of the infection until the tooth is opened up for treatment. Overall, periapical surgery is a procedure that is reserved for the most serious of our root canal cases.

Periapical Surgery Procedure

Patients who have experienced an already failed root canal, are experiencing considerable pain. Our priority is to make our patient comfortable. We will anesthetize the pain with a local anesthetic. Some patients may find that conscious sedation is preferred, we will review your options with you. With the patient fully numbed, a specialist at Cameo will then gain access to the root, this time through the gums, opposed to through the tooth as with standard root canal therapy. We want to fully remove the source of the infection; some patients may require the removal of the tip of their root as well. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, the area will be sutured closed. If a specialist at Cameo finds it necessary, we may send a portion of tissue, or cyst, to a pathology lab for examination.

Patients may experience some discomfort following surgery. Most patients find relief from the application of an ice pack and over the counter pain relief medication. Following a few days of healing, a specialist at Cameo will want you to return for examination. We will review the status of the infection, and remove sutures as necessary.

In some situations, a specialist at Cameo may find the removal of the tooth necessary. This is often due to a fracture in the root. If this is the case, we will review restoration options with you, which may include a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a denture device, depending on your needs.

We do not want our patients to suffer from pain or discomfort. If you have had a root canal, and are still experiencing pain, contact our office immediately. The problem may be an infected canal branch. The staff at Cameo Dental Specialists is here to assist you in scheduling appointments and answering your questions. For more information, contact our River Forest office by calling: (630) 425-4488

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Periapical Surgery - Chicago • Cameo Dental Specialists
When a root canal doesn't resolve problems in a patient’s tooth, painless periapical surgery (anesthesia) may be needed. Looking for more nearby info? Click here!
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