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Why We Need To Know If You Have Jaw Pains

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Why We Need To Know If You Have Jaw PainsJaw pains aren't like any other pain. Sure, you might decide to wait for the pains to go away, but they are mostly a sign of other underlying conditions.

They may make it tough for you to talk, drink, chew, or even make simple facial expressions. When ignored, the underlying problems can easily turn into major nuisances. Once you start experiencing jaw pain, it might be wise to contact us as soon as possible.

Why You Should Contact Us Immediately?

Joint pain can be a result of stress. In some cases, stress can easily lead to your clenching and grinding your teeth vigorously, exposing your jaws to uneven pressure. While you might do this when you are wide awake, you can also do it involuntarily in your sleep.

In other cases, the pains may result from bad bites. This occurs when your teeth are unaligned as you chew your food. The misalignment results in the wear and tear of jaw joint muscles, leading to pain. For other people, the pain can come from an overdeveloped cavity. The cavity may radiate some of the pain into the jaw. If untreated, it can grow deep into the jaw, leading to its actual destruction.

You might also have an impacted wisdom tooth. Being the last teeth to form in your mouth, they may, at times, fail to have enough space for their development. This leads to painful jaws. We will need to do an x-ray to determine the structure of your teeth. If they are indeed impacted, we will have to remove the teeth surgically.

Jaw pain can turn your days into long and uneventful ones. This gets even worse if the pain is left untreated for a long time. Visit us today to have your jaws diagnosed for any of the conditions above.
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