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Getting a Full Understanding of a Peg Tooth

Posted on 2/25/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Getting a Full Understanding of a Peg ToothYou may or may not have heard the term "peg tooth" or "peg lateral" before. It is a common condition that can be found in both children and adults. What is exactly is a peg tooth? What can be done to treat it?

Peg Tooth

In simple terms, a peg tooth is a tooth that is smaller than your other teeth. It is also sometimes referred to as a "small tooth". The term "peg" refers to the fact that often the tooth is small and pointed, like a peg.

There are a couple of common causes. The first is that it is a tooth that is just underdeveloped. It did not grow all the way when it was forming. The second cause is that the tooth could still be a baby tooth. Many adults do not lose all of their teeth, it is possible for one of more baby teeth to remain. Peg teeth can be genetic.

In a lot of cases, treatment is not really needed, except for cosmetic reasons. Orthodontics can help for some patients, because it will help for the non-peg teeth to line up better in the mouth, giving more room for an adult tooth to come in.

If the issue is purely cosmetic, there are two common ways to treat a peg tooth. The first is tooth bonding. This will make the tooth appear normal sized. The second way is more expensive but could also last longer. Veneers can cover the small tooth and look natural.

If you are bothered by a peg tooth, or if you have questions, we would like to speak with you about it. We will also let you know what your options are for taking care of the peg tooth. We know that you might be self-conscious about it, and we want to help you to look and feel better.
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